Frequently Asked Questions

Questions from Registering Parents

Kids won't learn to do something one time. They learn through repetition. Playing Red Light, Green Light for example, in a week, one may not stop on red. After repeatedly practicing each week and being reminded red means stop, the kids will show progress!
We are not doing make-up classes at this time.
We can move them up an age group to challenge them. We will work with you to find the right class for them!
We will work with you to find the right class for them! How old is your son/daughter? -3.5 years old. Let's start him/her in Crickets (2.5 to 3.5 years). If that is still too much we can bump him or her down to Caterpillars.
Our classes run from as young as 18mo to 6 years old and we have transition classes for each age group.
No, not against other teams. We do scrimmages with the older age groups. Our younger age groups do a variety of games. They play to learn!
The kids will play games such as Red Light, Green Light, Steal the Bacon, Nap Time, Sleepy Bear (Describe the games). All of our games are designed to teach basic skills as they play to learn.
The Bugs Club is a program designed to give back to our families that register multiple times a year. It is a $55 fee for the year and you get discounts, as well as, Soccer Bugs Swag for your young athlete. The discount saves you $15 each session and you will receive different swag for each session.
You can only get Soccer Bugs swag through The Bugs Club. It is not available for purchase.
There are no make up classes at this time, but if you know there are specific weekends you won't be able to make it, I can prorate the price for you!
We do not do refunds at this time. We will credit your account and you can use it in the future.
Yes! The first kid is full price, and their siblings will get 10% off.
This is the perfect class for them! Soccer Bugs is the first class for most of our young players. The program combines soccer with developing other skills such as motor skills, cognitive thinking, and social skills. It is the perfect intro to soccer class for all age groups.
That is exciting! He/she will do just fine! I understand that all kids are different and everyone is at different levels. We have parent participation classes for this reason. Just remember, some kids adjust faster than others. Some kids may cry and want nothing to do with the class. What you will see is the more you participate, enjoy the class and stay patient, they will show progress. Even if you have to sit off to the side and watch, hold their hand, or even carry them while doing red light, green light, as long as they see you having fun they will adjust and show progress.
No. The flash sale was only good for the dates listed.
If it is a parent participation class (Ants, Beetles, Caterpillars, Crickets)
It is not until 4-6 years old that most kids develop the appropriate physical skill and/or the attention span needed. These age groups learn best through play. We teach while they play and they learn through repetition.
If you feel as if they still need you on the field we ask you join the Crickets class.
No, but if there are certain days you know you cannot attend we can prorate the cost for you.
No reason to wait. He/she can try the Grasshoppers class. This class is for 3-4 year olds. *If you don't believe your child can keep up, give the Crickets a try. You will only be asked to do the first few classes with your child.