24-30 months, Parent Assisted
for ages 24-30 months, parent assisted


The Beetles classes are for kids that are 24-30 months and an optional continuation class for graduating Ants. This class is a transitional one that requires parental involvement for kids who have progressed through the Ants class and are ready to move forward, but are not yet prepared for the 2-3 year Caterpillar class. The class is designed to build on the skills and experiences from the Ants classes with an emphasis on solitary play. Once a child begins to play alone, the reality of independence is learned. Once a child becomes completely self aware, they are ready to become a Caterpillar. The goals of this class include: enhanced balance, color recognition, following directions, full autonomy, repetition, walking coordination, and imitation.

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Michael and Son Sportsplex at Rockville

60 Southlawn Court, Rockville MD, 20850
Call: 301-838-4455

Redland Middle School

6505 Muncaster Mill RD
Rockville, MD, US 20855
Call: 610-329-9598

Bowie Mill Park

Olney, MD

The Ark

Olney, MD

Lew Wallace St

Urbana, MD
Call: 610-329-9598

Ridgeview Middle School

16600 Raven Rock DR
Gaithersburg, MD, US 20878
Call: 610-329-9598

Wells, Hallie Middle School

11701 Little Seneca Parkway
Clarksburg, MD, US 20870
Call: 610-329-9598


Henderson Reunion Drive

2256 N. Reunion Drive
Henderson, NV 89052
Call: 610-329-9598

Henderson Russel Road
5901 E. Russell Road
Henderson, NV 89015
Call: 610-329-9598
North Las Vegas
7350 Buckskin Avenue

North Last Vegas, 89129
Call: 610-329-9598

North Las Vegas Summerlin
7353 Eugene Avenue
Summerlin, NV 89129
Call: 610-329-9598


The 422 Sportsplex

1400 Industrial Hwy, Pottstown PA, 19464
Call: 610-323-9600


Ogden Indoor Soccer

1036 S Century Drive, Ogden UT, 84404
Call: 610-329-9598

Woods Cross Indoor Soccer

2250 S 850 W, Woods Cross UT, 84087
Call: 610-329-9598

Gardner Village Indoor Soccer

1194 W 7800 S, West Jordan UT, 84088
Call: 610-329-9598

Timpanogos Indoor Soccer

110 S 2000, West Lindon UT, 84042
Call: 610-329-9598


Michael & Son Sportsplex at Dulles

21610 Atlantic Blvd, Sterling VA, 20166
Call: 703-430-9966