“Play to a child is learning! They learn to play and play to learn. Play is terribly important to a child. It is not a distraction. It’s not something they do to take up time. It’s the child’s life.” *

The development of social and motor skills is pre-eminent in the early critical years of a child's life. But your child doesn't know or care about this. Your child wants to play, which is the most important thing in life to him or her. It is how they learn.

With the above concepts in mind, Soccer Bugs uses play as a catalyst to develop a child's motor skills, balance and coordination, hand-eye coordination, and social skills. Our curriculum is progressively based, using the latest concepts in child development. We know you will not be disappointed at the advancements your child makes from week 1 to week 12 of our classes. Check out all of our age groups and register today.

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* Reprinted with permission from the national Network for children care-NNCC. (1994) Play is the business of kids. In "Better Kid Care: A video learn-at-home-unit" (pp. 3-18) University Park, PA: Pennsylvania State University Cooperative Extension.