1. Why is there so much repetition of games?

Every time a child is exposed to a new object or experience, new neural connections are made in his or her brain. Through repetition, these connections are strengthened and learning occurs. A one-time experience is not enough for a neural connection to form and stabilize, and so our Soccer Bugs curriculum is designed to repeat certain activities because of this important aspect of learning.

Also, we repeat activities because it makes a child feels safe, which, in turn builds confidence. The world is a big place for a child and there are lots of moving parts. The only way for them to feel in control at all is through patterns and repetitions.

2. Why do I as a parent need to participate in Ants and Crickets classes?

We require parent participation based on studies that have shown that early years of a child’s life are very important for healthy mental development, and parent involvement during this stage of a child’s life is crucial. This helps the child feel more comfortable within a new environment and helps expedite their physical, social, and emotional development.

3. Why is there limited ball interaction in Ants and Beetles classes?

Toddlers have a unique way of learning, due to that fact we need to make activities as stimulating and fun as possible for them to comprehend and learn. We use alternative activities such as balloon and bubbles to develop these most basic motor skills such as hand/foot eye coordination before introducing the ball.

If we introduce a ball too early, then we can create too big a challenge that could diminish a child’s confidence. Once a child has grasped certain motor skills, then he or she will be able to take on the soccer ball without the frustrations and disappointments that can potentially arise. We build up our children one step at a time.

4. Why isn’t my child learning to play an actual soccer game yet?

Although we have programs designed for toddlers, it's not until about age 4 to 6 that most kids develop the appropriate physical skills or the attention span needed to listen to directions and grasp the rules of the game.

While toddlers can throw and run, it usually takes some time before they can coordinate the two skills. And it usually isn't until pre-school or kindergarten that children grasp concepts like "taking turns" that are crucial to many sports.

5. If my child is struggling in a class without parents on the field, is it okay for me to be on the field to help my child?

In this situation, we typically suggest placing the child in a Crickets class. Crickets classes are carefully structured to deal with a child's anxieties pertaining to their first separation from their guardian. This particular class is specifically designed to promote child autonomy. We have found that these classes provide a successful, long term solution for dealing with separation anxiety.


6. I think my child is advanced. Can they move up a level to the next class even if he or she is not old enough yet?

Yes, if it is appropriate for him both physically and emotionally. Our coaching staff will determine whether moving up is appropriate based on our experience with kids of similar age with similar abilities.


7. Is a uniform included with registration?

Uniforms are not regularly included with registration costs, however we do run different promotions throughout the year in which we give away free uniforms with registration for the full session.


8. Can I pay for one class at a time, and can I join a class in the middle of a session?

We do offer open enrollment, so that you can join the class anytime during the session with a prorated fee, However, paying for one class at a time is not something that we offer. The reason is that each class has a limited number of spots, and by signing up for the class, you are making an obligation and commitment for each week.

Simply put, it would not be good for the others in the program and for us to hold a spot for someone whose attendance is irregular where another child who will commit to each week is possibly turned away due to the limited class size.


9. What is your make-up policy?

New Soccer Bugs Make Up Policy

  • Classes will only be Pro-Rated for children that register after the session has already begun. If a class is missed, they have the option to do a Make Up class.
  • A child can make-up a maximum of 2 missed classes per session.
  • Missed Classes are not transferable to future sessions.
  • All missed classes must be made up during the session in which they were missed.
  • There are no refunds for missed classes that were not made up during the session.

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Class Registration Waiver